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The Society for Service Executives (SSE) was created to assist current and future executives with the challenges and opportunities associated with the technical service and support of both hard and soft products. The management and integration of this strategic function within a company is essential to customer satisfaction and profitable performance.

Once a repair operation, the evolution to an organization that is directly responsible for customer satisfaction, product quality evaluation, engineering design optimization, sales support, logistics, asset management and refurbishing has resulted in a division of the company that may contribute more to the bottom line than any other group. This last attribute has caught the attention of the CFO and CEO of both large and small corporations, and has resulted in a greater investment in this area by the company, with a higher requirement for executive-level management capable of delivering these strategic objectives.

The Society for Service Executives provides a central source for current research, partner programs, local and national conferences, vendor resources, and an industry network that is designed to bring strategic information to the busy service executive.

Our strategic partnerships with leading industry resources provide valuable offerings to our members at prices that reflect the leverage of a large network of service professionals.

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