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2016 Service/Support Salary Survey

Dear Colleague,

Are your service/support salaries in line with current industry standards? To help provide you with data to answer this critical question, the Association of Support Professionals (ASP), Service Strategies, and Society of Service Executives (SSE) conduct an annual service/support salary survey that provides the industry's most detailed look at service/support compensation trends.

The survey, to be published in April, supplies comparative salary benchmark by job title (ten categories), company size, product price, and employee skill level. In addition, this year we'll take a look at emerging trends in performance incentives.

We invite you to help with this project by filling out this brief questionnaire. In return, we'll send you a complimentary copy of the final report as soon as it's published. (As always, individual survey responses will be kept strictly confidential.)

Again, many thanks for your help.

Walt Gasparovic
Chairman and CEO
Society for Service Executives

John Hamilton
Service Strategies

Al Hahn
Executive Director



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